Wednesday, April 3, 2019


It is 3:30 in the morning in Kenya as I begin writing this (7:30 PM here in Wisconsin). On my phone I monitor the weather in Kisii, and as you can see, the rains are beginning to come to the area. It is not raining every day yet, as there are still some pictures of sun, but soon it will be raining almost every day. Pastor Joel told me that they have some days of heavy rains now.

As you can see by the other photos, the septic system is finished and covered. That was done before rain began pouring in from the roof.

There are a few additional things that must be completed before the children can move into the building, but hopefully that will be soon.

My prayer always has been that we could get them a healthy and safe sleeping building before the heavy rains are upon them, and it remains my prayer. We continue to look to the Lord to provide for the needed resources to complete this building.

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