Wednesday, April 17, 2019


Last week I wrote about some notes that a group of children from a church in South Dakota had sent with me to give to the orphan children of Kisii.

Today I want to show you some photos that I received the very next day after I had put that post up on this blog page. The photos are not quite clear enough to read what is written, so I asked Pastor Joel to send me the wording
Thank You Church of USA. Am Elmeldah Kenyanya I thank God for the provisions for schooling and other necessities. Thanks to all who donated to this term. I pray God to provide for the next term also. Keep paying for us here in Kenya as we also do the same. 

Cynthia Miruka I thank almighty God for all things that He had helped us student to be  
supported by our church in one way all the other at our academic and other things. We seek God to keep providing.

RE: Appreciation Letter.           Am Faith Moraa, I thank the almighty God for the doors that He has opened and I have report the support throughout this term. Is really God who has done this. I also thank the supportive staff who has done this great wonders and praying God to open the doors next term.  May God almighty bless you for your moral and financial support.
Thank you for donations.
God bless you
Pray for School Fees
Pray for food
Thank you for donations
(The second part I just cannot make out. Any suggestions?)
We praise God that we are very close to finishing the home for the children. I hope to have this news for you next week along with some photos.

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