Thursday, March 21, 2019


Looking at these photos, you will understand why it was necessary to get the septic system finished before the rains begin. Last season, once the rains started, it rained every day for more than three months.

No backhoe here. Just Backs
This is not a small tank they are building, and it is right under the eve of the roof. Why there? The property where the orphanage sits is so small that it is the only place available.

We are grateful to the Lord for His provision, and we are 
When I saw this photo, I thought,
"Almost finished with the hole"
one step closer to the day the children will have a safe and healthy place to sleep.

We are also trusting that by next week, we will have more progress to report on the building.
Nope, a little deeper

I would also like to report that the food store has been restocked with about $2000 worth of food. It sounds like a lot of food, and it is, but you may be surprised to learn that it will last only about three weeks. We have a lot of children to feed!
These final photos were surprising

This entire project has been a big undertaking, and we thank all who have helped. And of course, it does not end when the dormitory is completed. Vivian and I actually do not know what the future holds for us. We only know that God has called us to be a part of this work.

As you can see, walls will be re-enforced brick,
then a waterproof plaster applied

If you have not read my two posts on “Knowing the Voice of God,” I would encourage you to do so if you are wondering why we are involved. The simple answer to that question is that I am only doing it because God told me to do it.

I realize that those two posts are very long. They are the transcripts from my sermons in the Log Church for the past two weeks. If you read them, I think you may learn something about listening for the voice of God.

But if you simply do not want to read a lot but still want to know why we are involved, then just scroll down to the very end of the last post. It is there I explain our how God spoke to me and our involvement with Kenya.



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