Saturday, January 19, 2019


Some of you may remember that two Novembers ago, when I went to Kenya for the first time, I wrote a series of blog posts entitled Why I Am Going to Kenya. Looking back, it may have been better to entitle it a little differently. I perhaps should have put it, Why Am I Going to Kenya?

It may have been better to put it in a question form, since I actually did not know much about the reason I was going. Mostly, I knew the reasons I did not want to go.

After many years of living in different places and traveling to many countries for my work as a missionary, I was ready just to be home (I still feel much the same).

I remember writing in that first blog series that all that I wanted to do was to stay home with Vivian on our little farm and pretend to be a farmer. After we returned home a few years ago, I got my few cows, and walking out to the pasture to see them was enough travel for me.

But the Lord called me to go to Kenya. I will not recount the entire story at this time, but God’s calling at the time was undeniable to me. So I went.

I honestly did not know what I would find in Kenya, but what I found was a church of a hundred and fifty people or so, who had welcomed orphans to live in some small mud buildings around the church, and even within the church itself.

Even my small part in all of this is a l-o-n-g story, so like I said, I will not go through it again right now. I may write it down sometime in the future.

My part began two Novembers ago, at least that is when I committed myself to help these people. Since that time I have more-or-less told the story in this blog of what came to be called "The Log Church of Kenya," and the orphanage that they began.

The people of the area are very poor in monetary terms, but by means of the readers of the blog posts, God began to provide funding to begin to build a proper dormitory for the 42 orphaned or abandoned children. We have also been able to have funds to put the children in school, and the days when they have no food at all to eat are now relatively few.

And now I am going to Kenya again. That is why I will call this series of posts, “Why I Am Going to Kenya (again).” This time it would not be correct to put it in a question form, since I have some specific reasons for going.
Those are hay bales on feeder wagons. It is
enoughto last the cows until I return home

So I invite you to come along with me by means of following this blog. I hope to post something every day, beginning today (if all goes well). As before, it will be more or less in “real time,” so some of the preliminary impressions that I write about may not be my final impression.

But I guess that is what daily journaling is all about.
I leave the day after tomorrow.
At our farm in Spirit WI

Above Kisii Town

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