Thursday, November 1, 2018


As you can see, the concrete plate beam has been finished to tie all of the walls together. This is a big step. It is difficult work tying the re-bar together and pouring the concrete on the top of the wall.

In the past, and over the years in various developing countries, I have been involved with several works with this type of construction. Every part of it is physically exhausting. The mixing of the cement powder with the sand/gravel mix is done by hand in what we used to call “volcanoes,” then hoisted to the top of the walls using buckets.

It has been quite a few years since I have done this work in these places, but in my memory, it seemed it always had to be done on only the hottest days when there were no clouds to give some relief from the sun. I remember sore backs, dripping with sweat, drinking tepid water since that was all we had, and being too tired to eat. 

But I also remember the satisfaction of helping to provide something for the people that they would not otherwise have. Some who read this blog post will remember some of the work teams that Vivian and I led in various countries. Some of you were even team members on those work teams. “Get dirty for God”

The next step is the roof. It is quite a large expense ($5,640) but we trust that God will also supply for this as well. Right now we have more food to buy and some school bills to pay.

A big “thank you!” for all who have contributed to this work. It is impossible to express with mere words how much it is appreciated.

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