Friday, October 19, 2018


It is beginning to look like a building. One end is for the boys and the other for the girls. Each will have their own latrine, which is an important need. There is only one common one now, and it has to serve many people, both adults and children.

Everyone is so thankful to see this building starting to take shape. Ever since the previous rainy season (where it rained every single day for three or four months), we have been praying that we could get this dormitory built before the next major rains come (which is in about April). Last season, the living conditions became so unhealthy for the orphans that battling sickness became a
daily chore.

With dirt floors and unsanitary latrine facilities, it was difficult if not impossible to keep the living conditions clean and hygienic. Malaria also became a problem.

We’ve almost enough money to finish the walls up to pouring the cement beams for the plates on top of the walls. Thanks so much to many of you who have contributed to this need.

Our next step is the roof. It is a larger expense to buy the rafter material and the roof tin, but we are confident that the Lord will provide for these children of his. This entire project has been a step-by-step affair, and a walk of faith.

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