Wednesday, October 3, 2018


This week it hit me what the Lord has given me to do. What he has given me is caring for the orphans in Kisii, certainly, but that is not what I am talking about here.

What I am talking about at this moment is being the steward of the hard-earned money from the people who have given it to me in order to feed, clothe and provide shelter for the orphans.

I do not use the term hard-earned lightly. I know most of these people personally, and I know that they do not give from the excess funds that they have in the bank or lying around the house.

One fellow, as he was writing out a check to give to the orphanage was murmuring under his breath as he filled out the amount. I am certain that he did not intend for me to hear, but I heard him anyway. He was telling himself, “You must be faithful to what the Lord told you to do.”

I know this guy is living in very humble circumstances and has recently suffered some serious financial setbacks. His gift was a real sacrifice.

Another one of my friends who gave me some money could have at one time even been called “wealthy” (at least by northern Wisconsin standards). But in the past years, he has lost almost everything. He told me that he used to give out of his abundance to help the needs of others, but now he is learning to give out of his scarcity.

Still another friend told me as she handed me some money that she had been “saving up” to buy a Sirius radio, but decided instead that she should give the money to the orphans.

Yet another friend had someone run into his car in a parking lot. When he got the insurance payment for the accident, instead of getting the dents in his car repaired, he gave the money for the orphans.

I tell you these things so that you can see how God is moving in the hearts of people. This is also a burden that I take very seriously. This week it has laid on my heart quite heavily. I realize that this is your sweat and blood that I am taking from you, even your own food in some cases.

When I was just sending money from Vivian and I, it was a little easier. But this is beyond our own giving. This has become a weighty realization for me.
I know that we are helping these children, but God is also working in my own life and I hope all who give. It is a spiritual journey for all of us.

By the way, to repeat myself on something I have said before: 100% of the money given, every penny, nickel and dime (and dollar), is given to feed, clothe, shelter, provide schooling, and to otherwise provide for the needs of the orphans of the Log Church of Kisii, Kenya. There is nothing held back for “administration,” “office expense,” or some undefined “other costs.” There are even no funds transfer fees taken out of your gift. It all goes to the orphans.


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