Wednesday, September 26, 2018


The footings are in and the concrete floor is in place. We are happy and grateful to see this building for the children begin to take place.

We have to stop here for now, however. This is as far as our funds have allowed us to progress. There are more important matters to tend to until we have more resources to work with.
The critical matter at the moment is food.

It was one week ago that Pastor Joel wrote to me asking prayer for food for the children. They only had enough left for one meal. At our own meal time in our home, when Vivian and I give our thanks to God for the food on our own table, we always also pray that he would supply for the orphans of Kisii.

In that entire week, no gift came in for the children, and my own funds were also almost depleted. My prayer as I went to bed each night and one of my first thoughts in the morning was wondering if they had obtained food from some source. Today I sent a text to Joel to ask him.

No food for a week. Only a little maize in water to make a thin porridge. This has been the food for an entire seven days. I finally could take it no longer. Vivian found out for me that the service desk at the Walmart was open late, so tonight I drove into town to send them the money that I had on hand.

I am not sure why this food did not come from another source, but my children were starving, so I had to do something. I have asked God about this.

So for now, the building is put on hold. My prayer still is that we can have this place for the children before next rain season.

School is also a thing of the past for these children, but we trust that we will again be able to see them go to school. They have no real future without it.

But hey! The beginning of the building looks good, doesn’t it?

Also, I still have enough air miles from my pastoral training days in other parts of the world to make a trip to Kenya sometime this winter. I am beginning to make a plan for that.

By the way, for locals, I will have a table set up at the Christmas Tree Festival in Ogema on this Saturday (29th) to sell my books. Please stop in and ask me anything about Kisii or anything that I have written in my blogs, and while you are there, buy a book or two! Thanks!

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