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I have written and spoken before about the very obvious physical needs of the orphans of the Log Church of Kenya:
 - Food is almost on a day-by-day basis, with some days the children having nothing to eat.
 -  Tattered clothing and broken plastic sandals for shoes, if any clothing or shoes at all.
 - Sleep for some of the children is on a dirt floor covered only with a thin cloth.
These are the things that were immediately apparent to me when I visited there.

As I have said to people on various occasions, “I lived in a village in rural India 45 years ago, and the living conditions  for the orphans of the Log Church are more rudimentary today than the children in my Indian village 45 years ago.”

These are the basic needs, but then there are the secondary things as well. 
“Sir, we would like a ball that we could kick,” one of the boys told me one day.
A ball is a play thing, and one might say that a ball is not really necessary for play—or if you are a real hard-liner, you might say that play itself is not necessary for existence. But children need time and space to play, and in a world where soccer is the sport of choice (of course called “football”), a group of 42 children should have at least one “ball to kick.”
And then there is education. I was almost surprised that when God began to provide some monies that I could send to the orphanage, and despite all of these basic needs, Pastor Joel and the church leadership used a great portion of it so that they could begin to send the children to school. Before they began to receive help that some of you have provided, they had no funds to do this and were educating them the best that they could in the orphanage.
I have asked Joel many questions about this and he has sent me specifics on how the money has been used. I also have asked him to give me his thoughts on why he considers it is so important to provide an education for the children, even at the cost of delaying the construction of the much needed dormitory for the girls.
He sent me quite a long explanation, and despite the length of it, I have decided to include the greatest portion of it in this blog, only editing out short bits for the sake of brevity.
In the words of Pastor Joel, here is why he is trying to give the orphans the best education that he can:
“All countries are unique, as each and every single one has their own culture. They differ in simple ways: from small things like their flag and their languages, to big things like political leaders and religion.
“But when people think of all the characteristics that make a country differ from the rest, they don’t consider education as the most important one, the one that really defines a countries culture.
“But isn’t it?

“Today’s youth are our future leaders, the ones who will become the face of the politics, religion, and culture of their countries, and education is what prepares them for that. Many countries are able to provide their youth with a stable, structured education, but many cannot. There is an exhaustive list of countries that lack the resources needed to provide a proper education and among those countries is Kenya.
“Education can be defined in various terms. Some define education in terms of training, skills acquisition and as formal school attendance. Some define education as a process of acquiring desired knowledge skills and attitudes and being a process, it therefore means that there must be continuity in education.
“Education is a life-long process. Education therefore is an instrument of transforming culture, a means of individual development and a process of preservation and transmission of cultural heritage. 

“Importance of Education to the orphans
   (i) The personal dimension.
Education is aimed at furnishing individuals with the appropriate skills and knowledge so that they become self-reliant, adaptable and for them to self-actualize.
   (ii) The intellectual dimension.
Education is aimed at providing intellectual nourishment to individuals through provision of knowledge and skills that are favorable in aiding the same.
   (iii) The social dimension.
Education is aimed at providing interactions between persons and persons. Education as a social provider is also aimed at providing interaction between people and the world, person to self-interaction and it looks after the physical and emotional aspect of the individual and how they adapt at the family level and social level.
   (iv) The product dimension.
The importance of education should guide the school system to produce members of society who have adequate skills and knowledge that can be used to contribute to a productive society. The aims of education in Kenya today follow these dimensions and others.
“Education therefore aims at providing and achieving the following:
   1. The education must have the need of national development.
   2. The education must assist in fostering and promoting national unity.
   3. Education must prepare and equip the youth so that they can play a leading role in the nation.
   4. Education can unlock the potential of children and young people today, allowing them to secure their futures for tomorrow.
    5. Education lead to better spread of the gospel as the children are able to read the Bibles are ambassadors of Christ and are able to teach.
 “Our prayer request:
  -- Food for the orphans.
 -- School fees for the orphans
 -- Clothes
 -- Dormitory/shelter
 “Hannah never knew how the baby will come but she asked and God gave her
Jabez never knew how this change will come, but he asked God to bless him indeed, to enlarge his border, His hands to be with him and would keep him from all evil, and God granted his request.
Solomon asked for wisdom
Elijah asked for fire
Bartimaeus asked his sight to be restored
Hezekiah asked to extend his life
Joshua asked the sun and the moon to stand still, and God granted all of them.
“Ask from God in faith and leave the how for Him, He will answer. Ask whatever you need and whatever you will need; ask always and keep asking without giving up; ask without allowing yourself to be distracted by the words of others; ask until you have what you requested in your hands for He had promised to answer.
“Jesus Christ gave us this assurance, for everyone who will ask, will receive; everyone who will seek will find; everyone who will knock, it will be opened, and how much more will your heavenly Father give good gifts to those who ask him? That is the promise for you this year.
“Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ: [be confident God will never fail you at all]
Pastor Joel in the school yard
“Real good, we love you dearly. Minister this is your time of expansion in the ministry, spiritually financially, physically, and even materially. Thanks us praying for you. Have blessed day as we hope to hear from you, keep praying for food and school fees balance.
“May the Lord's word encourage & strengthen you as we walk out His will in the days ahead!
Love & blessings, Yours in Christ service Son Joel and Church Leadership-Log Church-Kenya..”

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