Wednesday, June 27, 2018


The single observation that affected me most when I visited the Log Church of Kenya last year and met the orphans, was to see their gratitude over the most simple of gifts. I still hold in my mind the image of two little boys who each received one pencil and two color crayons, holding them up in the air and so thankful that they had their own things to draw with! Their smiles were so broad, and their huge eyes almost laughing with joy, it seemed like with all the smiles and the eyes, there was very little room left for face.

The needs continue there, and if I wished, I could write every day and tell you about some new problem that has arisen—malaria being the latest. But instead I want to share a letter written to me by Pastor Joel. It does not show a complaining people who are engrossed in self-pity, but a thankful people who are joyful in the gifts of God!


Dear Dad Don,

We are hoping that all is well with you over there in the States! We thank God for what He is doing for the church and orphanage down here in Kenya!

How is your family and the church ministry doing over there?

Our Lord God is always great and merciful to our services that we do in serving Him and volunteering ourselves in the ministry! Every time we praise and glorify God for the gift of
life and the good care of our orphans here in Kenya!

My dad, we had a good Sunday service in the church. Many came and more souls were saved into the kingdom of God!

Children praised God with songs and dancing gratefully to Him because of the good care and protection of their lives!

And the church choir glorified God with some songs too!

After the service all church members and the children enjoyed eating food during the lunch time at the church! We provided enough food for children and the orphans to eat till everyone got satisfied with the meal.

Pastor Don, we also helped some poor families with food and gifts. Besides, children are thankful to God for the gift of clothes that you sent them!

My dearest dad, actually it is a great joy to our children in the orphanage that God is always using you and your friends to care for their miserable lives into a better thing! We are praying for you and God to enrich you with His blessings!!! 

Proverbs 11:25
Your Son Joel

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