Thursday, May 17, 2018

Kenya Report--RAIN!

I asked for a photo of all 42 children together.
I am not sure if they are all in there or not
To the present, God has brought 42 children to the Log Church Orphanage in Kisii, Kenya, twice as many as when I visited there last November. It is difficult for the leaders and the people of the church to turn anyone away. Nevertheless, I believe that they have now reached the point of saturation where they simply are not able to take in more. Others do come for food, however. There simply is no more room to stay there, but at least they can get something to eat.

I have no idea how the children they presently house are able to find a place to sleep. Last year when I saw the situation and at that time with even with half of the number of children, many of them had to sleep on a cloth on a dirt floor. It makes the completion of the dormitory we are trying to build all the more urgent.

Speaking of the building, we continue to buy the materials as money becomes available. We have now begun to purchase the bags of cement for the base. I will be glad when they are able to begin building with the bricks, as I think that it will be a big encouragement for the people to be able to see an actual building starting to take shape.

The building is needed now more than ever for another reason as well. Perhaps you have seen some news reports of the historic flooding that has been taking place in Kenya.

I have an app on my phone that shows the weather each day in Kisii. For at least the past two months, it has shown rain falling every single day. The extended forecast is also for daily rain. Pastor Joel did not mention the difficulties that they are presently facing until I asked him about it. He tells me that they have never experienced anything like this.

The price of vegetables has increased significantly because of the flooding, and there is a general food shortage. Kisii is located in the highlands, so they have not seen the worst of the flooding. Nevertheless, the constant and historic rains is putting everyone under unprecedented hardships.

We are very thankful that the 42 children of the orphanage are now able to attend the school there, thanks to the funds that God has supplied through some readers of this blog who have seen the need and contributed.

Nonetheless, many of these children still have no shoes and not even a change of clothing. When they walk back to the church (the orphanage) after classes at school, they are soaked to the skin and with feet caked with mud. The nights are cool and there are not blankets enough for everyone.

As you can imagine, these little bodies are in constant physical stress as they lie and shiver all night, especially when their diet has been lacking. I am not sure of the current state of food supplies for the orphans at the moment, but I do know that they sometimes go without food for entire days.

I actually began this blog post thinking to write a happy report of how the children are able to attend school and to tell you a bit of what it is like for them, but when I began asking questions of the situation there, I learned of the level of difficulty that the people are facing now. I must admit, the long-term goal of a supporting business that the people can do seems a long way off right now.

Vivian and I are praying that sickness and disease will stay away from the children, and that the malaria will not make a resurgence. Other needs there are for warm clothing for the children, shoes and especially gum boots, school fees, and of course food—always food. They distribute a lot of it these days.

It’s a good day to pray!

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