Sunday, January 14, 2018


It was 27degrees below zero in Tripoli, Wisconsin this morning (that’s about –33 in Celsius). We canceled our regular service at the Log Church. However, this does not mean a day off for me.

I also this morning received an email from the Log Church of Kenya. I have communication with Pastor Joel from that church at least two or three times per week. His letters are not usually about present hardships that they are facing, but they sometimes are. On some occasions, like this morning, he tells me that they and the orphans who are in their care have had to go to bed without having eaten the entire day. They go to bed with stomachs completely empty.

I have sent them some money in the past to help with this very urgent need when it has happened, but not always. I am not always able to, nor do I always think that I should.

Today, instead of the regular sermon that I post on my blog, I am sharing the letter that I sent to the people at the Log Church of Kenya. Vivian and I (they refer to us as “Dad and Mum”) are really praying for direction:
Dear Pastor Joel and beloved people of the Log Church of Kenya,

Mum and I are very grieved to hear of your most recent needs. We are so sorry that you and the orphans again are going to bed after a day of no food. Every day I am praying and wondering what God will have me do. I would like to be able to tell you for certain what those things are, but as of yet I have received no definite direction from God.

I am not able to simply keep sending money. God has not given me great amounts of money. Last year I was able to sell two cows to be able to come to you with some gifts, and I have determined that I should continue to dedicate my cows for the benefit of the orphans and the church there in Kisii. However, it is in the months of September and October when I am able to have the meat processed to sell.

I do not have a large herd. Seven animals, only two or three of which can be butchered and sold next autumn.

I would like to come again as I did last year, but I do not yet know if God will direct me in that way. The airline ticket price is very high. Financially, it would make more sense to just use the money for the ticket and send it for your use, but this cannot be that kind of relationship.

Ours cannot be a relationship based on sharing money. It can only be one based on sharing Christ. This is how this relationship has begun, and this is how it must continue.

Still, at this very moment, you are all hungry, and that saddens me.

Please know that Mum and I are praying about this very present need of yours and also be assured that if God directs me to do something, I will certainly obey. I have lived my life saying “yes” to the Lord, and I will always live my life in that way.

We would also like to be able to help the orphans be able to attend school and will continue to pray about that need.

As for the present moment however, I pray that God will provide food for you. Our prayer is that you will see the fulfillment of the promise that the Apostle Paul wrote to the church at Philippi, “My God will supply all your needs according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”

These are not empty words. I also am bringing your needs before our Savior and Lord.

Your Dad and Mum in Christ,
Pastor Don and Vivian

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