Saturday, July 4, 2015


March 30, in the afternoon – The day of Effie

Effie was the first of my herd to give birth.
I found her calf lying on the cold spring earth.
The mother acted quite congenial this year,
Letting me pet her newborn calf on the ear.

April 11, about midday – The day of Flory

Flory is Effie’s calf from two years ago,
She wisely waited until after the snow.
Today at midday, in the warm April sun,
She had her little calf – it was her first one.

Two little bull calves frolic now on our hill,
And we are awaiting three little calves still.

April 24, just at the new dawn – The day of Maisie
Today as the sun was coming up yellow,
I heard my Maisie voice a fearful bellow.
She had just had her first calf up on the hill,

When two wolves appeared; they were ready to kill.

McTavish was there; he’s our bull of large horn,
Ready to protect one so recently born.
I also ran up. I was armed with my gun.
I shot and missed, but they set off on a run.

Our calves are now three, small bulls once, twice and thrice.
Bull calves are fine, but a heifer would be nice.

April 26, another early morning – The day of Agnes

This morning I went out to check on my herd,
Although during the night, they said not a word.
I counted the calves – one, two, three, but then four.
Our Agnes had given birth to one more.

When I tried to see this one born in the night,
The mom came at me as if ready to fight.
My neighbor tells me, “The wolves make them this way.”
“Cows were much calmer,” he says, “back in my day.”

But the good news is, from what I could see,
Agnes gave me a her, instead of a he.

May 26 – Waiting for Cora

Oh Cora, like last year we waited so long.
I know you are old now, and are not so strong.
But the wolves are gone – it has been a month now,
And McTavish and I would fight for our cow.

June 26 – Still waiting
One thing with Cora – she cannot be hurried.
But I must say, I’m a little bit worried,
Worried that something had developed amiss.
Cora is old, perhaps too old to for this.

But Cora lies chewing her cud unconcerned.
With age comes patience, and there’s much she has learned.

July 1 – The Day of Cora

Today I saw Cora off standing alone
Away from the herd and just out on her own.
This is not common for my gregarious cows.
My interest was stirred, my excitement aroused.

I slowly walked up and went down on one knee,
And her new little calf walked right up to me.
Standing right by me, I could easily tell…
A girl, a little Cora, a Corabelle!
This is the story of my herd for this year.
Some waiting. Some hoping. Even some fear.
By God’s good grace, I have a fine, healthy herd.
By God’s faithfulness, he was true to his word.

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