Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Thanks to my sister Jennifer for bringing this little poem back to my memory. Our mom used to recite it every spring in a way that only she could do it. (All of us children know how that was and it brings us happiness just to remember it). 

Here is the poem:


We have a secret, just we three,
The robin, and I, and the sweet cherry-tree;
The bird told the tree, and the tree told me,
And nobody knows it but just us three.

But of course the robin knows it best,
Because she built the—I shan't tell the rest;
And laid the four little—something in it—
I'm afraid I shall tell it every minute.

But if the tree and the robin don't peep,
I'll try my best the secret to keep;
Though I know when the little birds fly about
Then the whole secret will be out.

I'm not sure why Jennifer took a photo of only 2½ eggs

 The Golden Book of Poetry (1947)


  1. enJOY!!!
    Had to reach my camera up high and try to aim for a picture that i couldn't see!! :)

    1. thanks for the explanation "anonymous" (whoever you are)


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