Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I walked in the midst of giants,
Trying not to break their silence.
Afraid that any uttered word
Be interpreted as defiance.

But then in the treetops I heard
The light evening song of a bird.
Then the sound of the slightest breeze;
It whispered, as the top branches stirred.

And then, in addition to these,
I thought that I heard the word, “Please.”
And although I could not be sure,
It seemed as if it came from the trees.

“Behold my height. Behold my girth.
“See all of the marvels of the earth.
“But not in these we find our worth,
“It is in the one who gave us birth.”

I walked at the feet of the world's tallest trees,
But it is to their Maker I bow my knees.

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