Tuesday, April 3, 2012


By Donald Rhody

Come, sit with me on the porch, my love.
Come and watch the sun in its setting.
The great Artist of the heavens above
Has His paints prepared, His canvas set,
And even now His brush is wetting.

You may hold your cat, your little pet,
On your lap as you sit beside me.
But if we both watch, we will not forget
How our great God paints the sky tonight -
And how His moods and colors agree.

If you still have some chores - that’s alright,
I’ll help you with them when we’re done.
We don’t want to miss this marvelous sight -
Let’s not even miss the first brushstroke.
Come and sit with me.  We’ll watch the sun.

Do you remember that once we spoke
How God, in His creativity,
Is still pleased to paint for just plain old folks?
Folks like us.  So come - sit with me.
The admission to this show is free.

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