Monday, October 24, 2011


Surprised by a Garden is a book of short and practical Biblical examples in living. For many years, I have seen Biblical lessons in the things that I have seen and experienced. These have become the devotionals in this book. They have come from the experiences that I have had while living and working in various countries of the world. I have learned that if we take time to look, there are evidences of God’s love all around us.

This situation is exactly what gave rise to the title of this book. Once, when traveling on an old wreck of a bus over a bumpy and dusty road in India, I finally was able to get off for a few minutes to stretch my legs. Angry at the bus and the road and my whole situation at the time, I decided to take a short walk before I had to get on the bus again. As I walked only a short way off of the dusty road, I happened upon a beautiful garden that someone had planted next to their house. The presence of such beauty in the midst of such filth was revolutionary to me. It helped me to see that there is always encouragement in whatever difficult circumstance we may find ourselves.

Unfortunately, this book is out of print. The publisher who first published this book went out of business.
However, I still do have a good number of books in stock. If you write to me at:, I will tell you how you can get one.

Eventually, I will republish this with Spirit†Hill Publishing

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