Portraits of the Church

For most of my adult life, I have served the church of Jesus Christ. With the problems that sometimes arise in the church, I will not say that it has always been an easy work, or even always pleasurable, but it has always been my great privilege.

The Apostle Paul often referred to the church as “the body of Christ.” In fact, he even makes the astounding statement that the church represents “the fullness of Him who fills all in all” (Ephesians 1:23)

We know that Paul is not talking about the institutional church, but the church of Jesus Christ. But even with this realization, I have lived my life with the goal to strengthen the local church. In many ways, I have seen this as the nearest thing that I could do to also serve Jesus Christ Himself.

In these present days, many have become so accustomed to pointing out all of the failures and deficiencies in the church that they fail to see that God has invested His whole work in it. We serve the church not because of any loyalties to denomination or creed, but because Jesus Christ Himself has called us to serve His body. If we should concentrate on only criticizing, we fail to see the great promises and future that Jesus has in mind for His church.

In Portraits of the Church, I do not ignore deficiencies, but I also explore some of these promises. In some ways, this book is a love story that I have with the church of Jesus Christ.
Paperback, 310 pages
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