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AGE:               11


STD:                5




Moffat was born in the street of Magena and his mother raised him up with the street lifestyle. The mother had come to Magena being misplace during post-election violence where she later conceived and  gave birth to Moffat being a street girl.

While we had market evangelism October the year 2015 his mother surrendered her life to Christ on the alter call carrying her baby Moffat on the arms. It pleased our hearts for this street girl to give her life to the Lord. Business people within the market were very much moved and touched with this young street girl and blessed her with blankets, mattress, clothes and some other food stuffs.

These business people then gave us a challenge as a church to provide a house for this street girl with her son Moffat. The church leadership accepted to look for a cheap rental house for this family and kept paying the house as we prayed God to make a way for this young girl and her street son. We successfully paid the  rental house until January 2017 when this girl died from heart attack in Nyangusu Hospital.

The body of the deceased was buried in the cemetry but this kid Moffat remained under our care. Therefore we took Moffat to our orphanage so that he can grow together with other kids as we provide him  with the necessities.

Right now Moffat is embraced with the orphanage lifestyle and he is glad to call the orphanage “Home” He likes playing football and dancing in church Moffat has a great hope of using his talents to glorify God forever and ever more.



AGE:              13


STD:               8



Yvonne was born and raised up by a single parent who was her mother by the name Kerubo. The mother used to live with her daughter Yvonne in Nyangusu town. She worked hard in school and she perfumed well in academics. Her mother could support her daughter Yvonne through a grocery business she had.

Kerubo the mother of Yvonne did not want to give birth to another child to avoid struggles of life to cater for the needs of two children. Unfortunately she was pregnated by a lover who used to help her pay the rent of the house where they lived. Kerubo made up her mind to abort the pregnancy one night when she had taken some herbals to remove the fetus a serious complication happened on her body and she died in the house.

Yvonne the daughter took the phone of her mother and called neighbors to the scene, police also received the information and came in the morning and took the body of the deceased to Nyangusu mortuary. After three days the body was burned in the cemetery.

One of the neighbors adopted Yvonne and took her to stay with her two children but sad enough the husband of the lady who took Yvonne was a drunkard two times he tried to rape this young girl Yvonne but his plans could not succeed. This caused Yvonne to run out of that family and hated so much to be adopted in any other family.

She went to the street and became a street girl for two months until the time we met her when our church had a program of supporting the children of Nyangusu street with some meals being a Christmas day on 25th December. We showed her the love of Christ and eventually took her with us in the orphanage because we had that sympathy that in the street she might be raped and maybe killed after that vice done to her to hide the exhibit of such crime.

Yvonne is thankful to Pastor Donald for giving her hope when she was helpless by sending donations and every support to her in the orphanage in Kenya.  She also thank God for Pastor Joel is heart of love and caring. Yvonne likes verses in church. She has a passion to become a teacher of the word of God after school.




AGE:               12


STD:                7




We had a crusade and evangelism program at Ogembo town 2018 April. The meetings went on successfully and many people were being convicted with the word of God daily. We had a pulpit where ministers and choirs stood during the program it was something shocking that this young boy Kevin at the age of ten, lit a cigarette and boldly came up to the pulpit wanting to dance with the choir of the church while taking cigarette. All the ushers could try to block him from the alter of God but they could find very hard time. He made it a trend daily as we entered into crusade services!!

On the last day he came somehow well-dressed but now without cigarettes at all! Pastor Vincent started praying for those people who wanted to give their lives to Jesus. Kevin was the first one to step on the pulpit for prayers!!

Then pastor Vincent said “I have been led by the holy spirit to break the evil spirit of drug abuse in this young boy Kevin,” and from this time forward the life of this boy Must change for good in Jesus name!!! No more drug abuse” everyone was quite in the meeting!! Then pastor Vincent asked the audience whether the parents of Kevin were present at the crusade grounds that is when we realized that Kevin was a street boy and his background was not known.

After prayer pastor Vincent said “we will adopt this boy in our orphanage and teach him the ways of God.” There crowd clapped for that and when we ended the crusade we came with Kevin to our orphanage. This boy is grateful and thankful to God for the amazing things he did to him after accepting salvation. He is free from drug abuse and he really sympathize with those who take such drugs.

Currently Kevin is the choir trainer of Junior youth  and he is very committed in the work of God, He has a passion of being a pastor through the call of God so that he can change more lives including street children who are addict to drug abuse.


If you would like to help the children of the Log Church Orphanage of Kisii, Kenya, you may make your check out to “The Log Church” and write “Orphans” on the memo line.

Send it to:

The Log Church

PO Box 68

Tripoli Wisconsin 54564

We now need to pay a wire transfer fee with every payment, which amounts to $50 each time, but other than that, your donated money will be used only for purchasing food, clothing, schooling, and other necessities of living. Nothing is held back or diverted for any other purpose. Thanks!

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