Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Joel’s city in Kenya is not near the border of Ethiopia, so the “one hour,” of course was not practical. It would mean an extension of almost a week to the trip. Besides that, my mention of expenses was not merely an excuse. It was a real concern of mine.

Nevertheless, as it turned out, I did have about a week to spare on my trip. I had originally planned my arrival to coincide with the last day of a training that Levi was to do in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. After I had already purchased my ticket however, the Peace Corps advanced the training dates by one week, placing my arrival on the first day of the week-long training instead of the last. Levi would be busy for the first week. I would have little to do after I arrived.

There is another interesting factor to add at this point. When Vivian and I were in the Spanish language school in Costa Rica, two and a half decades earlier, we became friends with a family from California, who were also going through the same language training.

Through the years we more-or-less lost track of each other, but I did know that for reasons unknown to me, after a few years of working in Central America, they ended up working in an orphanage in Kenya, of all places. Besides that, as I looked at the map of Kenya, their city seemed to be about an hour away from where Joel’s city was.
I found their contact information on their mission’s internet site and wrote to them. “Are you still in Kenya?”

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