Sunday, November 12, 2017


It was sometime later when I received this letter:

"Dear Beloved Daddy, Mummy and Church
Greetings in Jesus name, thanks for your prayers, surely as sorry to report to you that the toilet/latrine we were using on the church collapsed yesterday on our service time and left 2 children who were using the toilet during that time of collapse, with injuries but they children were attended on hospitals and this let our service not finish well, as the officer of health came to us and told us within five day we have new toilet or else our service will be disrupted

Pastor and Church pray with us and stand with us, the church is in trouble because of this health facilities. We so unfortunately to report that in our country we usually build the toilet separate from the church building. We build the toilet and because of the minor earthquake it collapsed but the house of God is strong as its standard, Pastor and Church from the little we used to build this toilet and church also offered labour.We were told by the officer of health is good for us to continue service and fix the toilet as soon as possible within 5 days as they said.

 Pastor and Church members comes from distance and cannot go their home for toilet use, this forced us to have this toilet on church ground but unfortunately it has collapsed; now we are seeking God and your help to fix this toilet and use it."


By this time I am thinking, “Perhaps the Lord actually is trying to get my attention. These are brothers and sisters who are suffering!”

Joel told me that the government was to shut down their church until the latrine could be rebuilt. He sent me a list of the materials that the church would need to purchase:

Cement 20 Bags =Ksh.19, 000
Rentals 12 pcs =ksh. 9,560
Labour (will be offered by the church)
Personnel money =Ksh.12,400=
Doors are available
Sandy 1 lorry =Ksh.16,000

Put in terms of American dollars, in total it came to about $689.

In closing Joel said this:

We are seeking God to provide, Please help as the lord will provide, we trust together we can, not our wish this to happen, we trust God will raise the standard of our church and we will not remain in lack God will send his help come out of this situation. Thanks for all your love and concern to us. Kindly help as the lord will provide to rebuild this toilet.

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