Thursday, November 9, 2017


Every week, after I posted my sermon, Pastor Joel wrote to me.

His letters after that were actually quite inspiring for me. They were full on encouragement in the Lord and with many Scripture references. I thought that, somewhat like my blog posts, what he wrote to me must have been portions of the message that he gave to the Log Church of Kenya. I do not know this for certain. Perhaps he was just writing to me.

As the letters continued, I eventually learned that the church began with seven members, and through house-to-house evangelism, now has 76 adult members, 18 youth and 34 children. They had services on Sundays and a Bible Study on Wednesday. In the entire church, they share three Bibles. Pastor Joel wrote to me that they also lack Christian literature books to help increase their faith.

He also told me a bit about his personal life. Again, the following quote is exactly as he wrote to me: 

Am in very low position when I share my testimony with you and it is painful but God’s power and His grace have been sufficient to me… My father died when I was a kid and in real sense I did not see him by my own eyes because I was a month old [I had to wonder if in Kenya they really used this word kid for children]. My mother tried possible and helped me to get some education because out of the poor background and I finished of Education was at the level of class 8 according to our education system in Kenya. Through what I was passing through as an orphan and from lowly family I was praying day and night that the orphans around our communities may get education and pass not what I was passing. 

When God called me from that low state of lacking even the basic needs and God gave me heart of helping the orphans, widows, widower, aged and less fortune through my small kales farm growing which I use for my family and sell some for these children to get exercise book, pencil, cloths and pens each month and this is not enough they other basic needs which the church use the little offering and tithe we get them food. 

Now our prayer and the prayer of the church to God is that this children stay in good place where they can learn and understand when they are not with stress of remembering their parent and some may commit suicide because lack of care and some may run to streets to be street children which may not make them to achieve the goals and mission of them being created on earth and this children have come as the result of their parent die by highland malaria and some their parents died by this pandemic diseases HIV/AIDS. 

We believe will come to pass through God’s provision. In my side I need to further the gospel forward and reach a point which I can help and support fully this young generation who will be the ambassador of Christ as I believe they will grow in God’s word because your website is still inspiring us and we believe one day will meet face to face and you share with us more. 

On the church we have passed through ups and downs but no single day we have missed service even in the rain season God always brings rain after we have finished the service or before we start the service we thank God for His mercy and grace our church is carrying service each Sunday is involved in hospital visiting, crusades/open air, schools preaching and house to house evangelism, kindly be involved by standing with us.  

Beloved in Christ, friends and the entire ministry Church please pray with us, do not leave us to go away from this love of God. Really need prayers for word of God to expand in Kenya and Africa at large. Really what we received from your website really we will not be ashamed to work with you for the work of God to be spread and win more soul to God’s family our church and leaders are willing to be named after the illuminating of your church. Finally Church members with me greet you in the love of God. God bless you abundantly; let God direct your foot steps as you come in and as you go out. Amen.
 Yours in humble regard
 Pastor Joel and Depporah and Church Leadership.

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