Wednesday, November 15, 2017


I decided that, given all my history with Joel and the Log Church of Kenya, I would send them some money. I was still in Ethiopia at this time, but now I was with Levi so I no longer wanted to make the extension of the trip to Kenya. Besides that, the travel around in Ethiopia was consisted of sitting hours upon hours crammed into old-style school bus seats with my bag on my lap. I usually had no chance even to stretch my legs while in the busses, so the traveling was tiring me out.

I tried sending some money to Joel in the last couple days I was in Ethiopia. Levi and I were back in Addis Ababa during these days. I went to a Western Union office that was near to our hotel.

“We cannot send money from here,” the attendant said to me. He told me to go to a larger office in another part of the city.
I went there.

“We cannot send money from here either,” the man told me. “Try the main branch in the city center.”
I went there. At least at the main branch, I received a straightforward response.

“In Ethiopia, Western Union is not set up to send money out of the country. We can only receive money into Ethiopia.”

“That sounds about right,” I thought to myself. But I did not say it.

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