Wednesday, November 15, 2017


My Californian friends did arrive in Kenya, and after a couple of days at their site, they asked a Kenyan brother to go to Joel’s city and to find out if there truly was a church and truly was an orphanage. Since they went to Kenya shortly before I went to Ethiopia, this was to happen before I arrived in Africa and they were to email me with their verification in my free week in Addis Ababa.

The verification did not come during my week in the city and before I took off to the hinterlands of Ethiopia with Levi. I later found out in an apologetic email from my friends that the internet had been down for several days where they were, so they could not contact me in time. I had only been in Africa for little more than a week, but I could see that this very easily happens there.

Someone had gone to see the church, however. Reportedly, the reception that the man received was not overly warm. This is perhaps understandable, given that he could have been viewed as somewhat of a spy and perhaps of a different tribe. I am sorry that it was like this, but it seemed to me there was no other way. It seemed to be the best option. The man took a photo of the church building with a cow standing in front of it.

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